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Is it wrong that the fact that our dear prime minister is alleged to have fucked a dead pig has made me so happy?

I think i just like the fact that i can go back to work tomorrow and remind everyone there that they voted for a man who shagged a pigs head. At the moment, I'm getting a huge amount of pleasure from that thought.

It's so unbelievably awful, and yet i haven't heard a single person say they can't believe it. It's also unbelievable that, in the space of twenty four hours, we've become almost desensitised to the idea. Yeah well, you know what the aristocracy are like. Boys will be boys. And after all, he's done so many revolting things already, you almost expect it of him. He's practically a cartoon villain, Call Me Dave.

Another level of awful comes into play when you realise that, however ridiculous, however perverse it is, it changes nothing. The BBC aren't even reporting it, because they're so terrified of the Tories. People will laugh at him and make jokes, and he'll just continue to bluster and bully and carry on as if nothing has happened, because people like him are Teflon and the shit never sticks to them.

We'll be left with the image of Cameron, red faced and sweaty with his knob in a pig's mouth, a braying crowd of hooray Henry's cheering him on, while he fucks us over again and again. It just makes it worse.

your subject line says all

Date: 2015-09-23 12:50 am (UTC)
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I've been so busy for the past week and a half that I have been in a news blackout, which is abnormal for me. This ... is so horridly believable. The image in my head. Gah.

Teflon indeed.


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